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— Music Composer —

Hi, I'm Crescendo!
Making music & playing games; sometimes the opposite is also true.
I'm a music composer, pianist and arranger. I specialize in original soundtrack for videogames, but breathing new life in any fictional world through my music excites me!
Feel free to have a listen to my works.

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— Works —

Night at the Meowseum

Night at the Meowseum (2024)

Several BGMs and SFXs

Star Crossed

Star Crossed (2023)

Game Soundtrack

3 Free Loopable Piano Themes

3 Free Loopable Piano Themes (2023)

Royalty-Free Music Pack

Indigo Thread

Indigo Thread (2023)

TTRPG Campaign Theme Tracks

HyperStar X Duel

HyperStar X Duel (2023)

Game Soundtrack


Toumayhem (2020~2023)

Game Soundtrack

Re tro/mastered Quest

Re tro/mastered Quest (2023)

JRPG-inspired Music Pack

Dive Into the Depths

Dive Into the Depths (2023)

Etrian Odyssey Piano Arrangement Album

Neko no Sentouki

Neko no Sentouki (2021~TBA)

Game Soundtrack

Ciao Nonna

Ciao Nonna (2020~2023)

Game Soundtrack with a Bonus Rearranged Track

Scappa via con me, Imperatrice!

Scappa via con me, Imperatrice! (2022)

Game Soundtrack

Prentenboek (Remastered)

Prentenboek (Remastered) (2022)

Piano Story Album (Remaster from 2013)

Guiding Key

Guiding Key (2019)

Kingdom Hearts Arrangement Album

Café au lait

Café au lait (2018)

Videogame Arrangement Album

Café Bouvardie

Café Bouvardie (2017)

Game Soundtrack

— Contact me —

I'm currently open for work, so if you're in need of:

  • Original track(s) for a videogame, animation or multimedia project (both free or commercial)

  • Piano arrangements of music that's already out there, or full instrumental rearrangements

  • Original song(s) starting from lyrics or just a rough idea for you to sing (or hire someone else to sing)

Please feel free to contact me! Tell me all the details of what you need and I'll send you an invoice, no strings attached.
Please note that I will not get myself involved with any project using AI-generated content through unlicensed art and data, NFT, crypto or strictly adult content.

You can find me on Ko-Fi and Mastodon for private commission work.
For further inquiries you can reach me via mail at

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