Pianist, Composer and Developer


I’m Crescendo (that big logo might have given it away) and I play piano, melodica and a tiny bit of guitar and ukulele.

I love to arrange videogame and anime music, and also compose my own! I upload a new cover every two weeks on my YouTube channel and offer previews and exclusive .mid files and sheets on my Patreon.

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I fell in love with music as a small child, avidly listening on loop to videogame music as MIDIs downloaded with a slow internet connection, and was attracted to piano for reasons unknown but which I’ll forever be grateful for. I started playing at 5 after pestering my parents for private lessons, occasionally picking up my brother’s guitar only to give up shortly after. We’re currently in a difficult relationship (me and guitar; my brother is fine).

Hitting a wall with my technique, I enrolled at conservatory at 16. I also coincidentally started playing around with some DAWs and making my own music, uploading it on Bandcamp. I also started arranging videogame and anime music and uploading it on YouTube. I studied there for 4 years before moving for university and continue playing as a self-taught pianist, buying a keyboard as a replacement for the piano left at home and dropping my old channel for a while. The time away from a real piano made me approach different instruments: among others, I’ve come to love ukulele and enjoy playing melodica in some covers. But piano is still at the first place in my heart! Sometime along the road (in 2015) my flatmate got me into Yu-Gi-Oh! and a lucky series of coincidences and nice-sounding openings made me cover each new one as it got released on a brand new channel. I now upload other covers too but the “cover every new opening as it comes” has been true since then.

In 2017 I opened a Patreon and graduated as an IT Engineer.

I currently work as a Junior Software Developer while continuing to make and play music on the side, and don’t plan to stop soon!



Both original and covers, all of my albums are available on Bandcamp.

Cover Arrangements

I love piano! Piano arranging is my comfort zone, after all. But sometimes it’s not enough: that’s why I also arrange for more than just that. Here’s what I like the most from both:

Original Pieces

I also enjoy composing my own music, other than arranging someone else’s. You can listen to some of my favourites below:

At Your Service!

Need some original music for your project? Craving a piano arrangement of that piece you love to death? Would just like to order me around? You’ve come to the right place.

Piano arrangements come at 10€ until 1:30 circa, +2€ per additional minute. You can also have music sheets for 3€ more on the starting price, regardless of the piece length.

Full arrangements come at 15€ until 1:30 circa, +3€ per additional minute. This includes any arrangement including more than just piano and sheet music usually won’t be available; exceptions are possible (e.g. piano and melodica are definitely doable), but please let me know in advance.

Original tracks come at 8€ until 30 seconds circa, +3€ per additional minute.

I reserve the right to decline any offer in case I consider it out of my skill set, or if I know I won’t be able to meet a deadline. I pride myself on being very punctual!

All prices are approximate and subject to change slightly: just a piano and melodica arrangement might come at less than 15€ (but more than 10€), a full arrangement featuring lots of instruments I’m not familiar with might go over the starting 15€, requesting a soundtrack all at once will definitely cost less than just adding the price of the same number of single original tracks… you get the idea.

I only accept payment in advance via PayPal: for this reason, I need your request to be clear before beginning to work. We can take all the time we need to figure out the details, but I need the big picture to give you a price figure.


Feel free to hit me up on Twitter! As for YouTube and any other place, while I may be active there, I don’t guarantee messages will be read and replied to as soon.

For inquiries about commissions or collaborations, contact me through the form below.