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— Music Composer —

Hi! I'm Crescendo.
I make music, videogames, and play both.
I'm a pianist, music composer and arranger. I specialize in original soundtrack for games, but breathing new life in any fictional world through my music excites me!
Feel free to have a listen to my works.

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— Portfolio —

I've been playing piano since I was 4 and picked up ukulele (decently) and guitar (badly) along the way. I've also been trained for a few years in choir.
I started producing music during my later high school years, taking up projects through the years while not attending college or working my day job as a programmer, before making it my main profession in 2023.



Covers and Rearrangements


— Credits —

Here's all the projects I've been credited for, both for self-published games and commissioned work.

Star Crossed (2023)

A short GL visual novel set in a dystopian patriarcal regime, starring a law breaker and the law enforcer she fell in love with.
Entry for the Yuri Game Jam 2023.
Featuring a 6-tracks original soundtrack.

Toumayhem (2021~2023)

A mystery sci-fi visual novel set in a secluded high school in Hokkaido, Japan; Yuki, a timid first-year, gets roped into a fight to overthrow the school's social system, and mixed up in a series of murders.
Featuring a 20-tracks original soundtrack.

Lifelong Dream (2023)

A short story, prologue to Fiamme Eterne (currently in development).
Featuring a single, emotional piano track.

Neko no Sentouki (2020~2023)

An action-packed visual novel following two different point of views: lively Aiko, who fights to win a mysterious tournament, and cynical Hikaru, who takes their encounter as a chance to turn his life upside down.
Featuring a 19-tracks original soundtrack, including a vocal theme sung by ONIRIKO2 and composed by myself.
Currently in development.

Scappa Via Con Me, Imperatrice! (2022)

Formerly known as Emperor's Lesbian New Groove on its debut as an entry for the Yuri Game Jam 2016.
A 3-routes romance visual novel spanning 5 days in a prestigious, shady, girls-only academy where the most distinguished students are given the title of Roman Emperors.
Featuring a 9-tracks original soundtrack.

Ciao Nonna (2020~2022)

A short interactive Game Boy game about a girl coming back to her hometown for her grandmother's funeral, coming to terms with the past she cut ties with and the memories she treasured.
Winner in Best Story/Setting for the I Can't Draw But Want To Make A Game (Again) Jam.
The game features 3 chiptune tracks and an additional arrangement for the main exploration theme.

Café Bouvardie (2017)

A short visual novel about time travel and self-reflection, made for the Yuri Game Jam 2017.
Featuring a piano-heavy, swing-inspired 2-tracks soundtrack.


— About me —

Some people say some things about me.

Cre is fantastic! She instantly grasped what I was looking for and wanted even better than I did. Her musical pieces vastly exceeded my expectations and perfectly reflected the characters and emotions I described to her.
- Sterling -

Cre was able to listen and understand my needs as we worked together, giving me additional references and ideas at times to figure out perfectly the track I had in mind.
- skredjun -

It's always a pleasure to work with Cre, not only for her skills, but also for her excellent communication, patience and professionalism.
She's always willing to listen to my ideas and fulfill all my requests, to make sure I get exactly what I want.
- Esther Lipofago -


— Services —

Here is a list of the work I can offer both for private and commercial projects.
Please refer to my terms of service before contacting me.
All prices are subject to adjustments depending on the complexity of the piece and the kind of project it's issued for.

Original Jingle


An original jingle for your podcast, stream, or just as a ringtone. It consists of a lossless audio file.
The base price covers up to 10 seconds circa. If you'd like it longer, you're probably looking for the "Original Track" option.

Piano Arrangement


Piano arrangements consist of a lossless .wav audio file (digitally performed) and music sheet in .pdf and .mscz (MuseScore) format. A .mid file can be included if you'd like.
The base price covers up to 1 minute circa; any additional minute adds €20 to the base price.

Original Track


Original tracks consist of a lossless .wav audio file and, for loopable tracks, an additional lossless .wav track looping twice then fading out. The regular audio file is cut off for seamless looping.
All tracks can be rendered in multiple additional lossy formats (e.g. .mp3, .ogg...) with no extra fee.
The base price covers up to 1 minute circa; any additional minute adds €20 to the base price.

Full Rearrangement


Full rearrangements consist of a lossless .wav audio file. This option covers arrangements for multiple instruments at once; for piano-only arrangements refer to "Piano Arrangement".
The base price covers up to 1 minute circa; any additional minute adds €20 to the base price.

Anything else?

This page serves as a quick reference for the kind of work and rates I can offer. This is especially true for private clients, hobbyists or developers with limited resources.

  • If you'd like to work together but don't think you can afford ten 4-minutes-long original tracks, let's see together if we can rescope your needs so they can be met at a lower price fit for the both of us.

  • If you're a company in need of a clear estimate so you can budget accordingly, I will gladly hear you out and send you an invoice in return, no strings attached.

In any case, contact me!


— Contact me —

You can find me on Ko-Fi and Mastodon for private commission work.
For further inquiries feel free to contact me via mail at


— Terms of Services —

I reserve the right to refuse any request of service prior to accepting the offer for any reason from the following:

  • Lack of expertise and/or time and resources to fill in the gap for a specific request; I will gladly introduce you to any person I know that might fit your needs in my stead

  • Use in a project involving AI-generated content through unlicensed art and data

  • Use in a project involving NFT or crypto

  • Use in a project involving adult content

Payments will be processed through either PayPal or wire transfer, before work starts.
I will provide you with regular updates on the state of your commission as to best meet your requests and avoid repeated revisions. However, it would be naive to think no revision will ever be needed. To ensure we can safely come together to the best possible result, the first two revisions will be free; any more than that need to be paid as an extra.
If, for any reason, I'm unable to work on your commission, I will contact you in 4 days at most and refund you completely. Any other refund won't be possible.
Please tell me beforehand if you intend to use my music for commercial use, as that might change my terms.
Unless we work it out differently, I retain all rights and can publish and sell all the music you commission on streaming platforms as my own and I reserve the right to sell it digitally.

If anything is unclear, don't be afraid to reach out and ask me!